Contemporary Trends in Novel Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System: An Overview


One of the most challenging tasks faced by the pharmaceutical researchers is the ophthalmic drug delivery. Their aim is to obtain and maintain a therapeutic level at the site of action for prolonged period of time. Therefore, to sustain drug levels at the target site for a sufficient time, novel drug delivery techniques should be developed. Ophthalmic drug delivery has proved significant advancement for future point of view. This article evaluates a variety of novel systems for ophthalmic drug delivery.

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Naveed, S. , Farooq, S. , Abbas, S. , Jawed, S. , Qamar, F. , Hussain, M. and Ali, I. (2015) Contemporary Trends in Novel Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System: An Overview. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-10. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101497.

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