Finite Deformation and Viscoelasticity Modeling and Test
Tibi Beda, Yvon Chevalier, Kokou-Esso Atcholi, Essole Padayodi, Jean-Claude Sagot
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A model is considered as a representation of compressive and incompressive elastomeric materials in nonlinear behavior. Applications are done on one hand by the characterisation of polyurethane 60 - 65 shore A (a compressive material), and on the other hand by the characterisation of polyurethane 95 shore A and fluorosilicone, both incompressive materials. The Rivlin energy expression is used for incompressive materials. Linear vibrations superposed on static large deformation, which is most often the real using state of elastomeric materials, are studied. Relative experimental and numerical results presented show good predictions.

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T. Beda, Y. Chevalier, K. Atcholi, E. Padayodi and J. Sagot, "Finite Deformation and Viscoelasticity Modeling and Test," Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 8, 2011, pp. 810-814. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.38098.

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