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Scalp Reconstruction Using Integra, an Alternative to Free Tissue Transfer—Case Report

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We present a case of scalp reconstruction using Integra® and split skin grafting after extensive excision of melanoma in a previously irradiated field. Radical resection of malignancy and application of Integra®, a dermal substitute, was performed. Following histological confirmation of complete excision, a split-thickness skin graft (SSG) was applied. After 14 months the patient remains fully healed and without recurrence. The 2-stage use of Integra® and SSG is useful in reconstructing large scalp defects—it produces an acceptable aesthetic outcome and avoids the need for complex free flap surgery.

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Fung, V. , Chalmers, R. and Geh, J. (2014) Scalp Reconstruction Using Integra, an Alternative to Free Tissue Transfer—Case Report. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100747.


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