Reduction of Low Grade Egyptian Manganese Ore via Hydrogen at 800℃ - 950℃


Low grade manganese ore fine was briquetted with different amounts of molasses under different pressure was studied in this investigation. In this study, the characterizations of raw materials were studied by different methods of analyses such as X-ray and chemical analyses. The results of briquetting show that as the pressing pressure load increased both the drop damage resistance and crushing strength increased and the optimum amount of molasses added was 2% and the pressing pressure was 216.7745 MPa. The produced briquettes were reduced by different flow rate of hydrogen at different temperatures, and the reduction kinetics was determined. The results indicated that: 1) The reduction rates by hydrogen increased with increasing temperature of the reduction; 2) Increase hydrogen flow rate at constant temperature of reduction leads to increase rate of reduction; 3) The zero order is control step at time 0 - 5 min and from 5 to 20 min the gaseous diffusion in case of cylindrical products and from 20 to 60 min the reaction controlled by nucleation and growth.

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El-Gawad, H. , Ahmed, M. , El-Hussiny, N. and Shalabi, M. (2014) Reduction of Low Grade Egyptian Manganese Ore via Hydrogen at 800℃ - 950℃. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-11. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100427.

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