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Lung Cancer with Rare Occurrence of Distal Appendicular Skeletal Metastases

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Distal appendicular skeletal involvement is a rare finding. Skeletal metastases by far is ranked 3rd in place after liver & brain. Among the skeleton, axial skeleton has a predilection. We report a 65-year-old male with lung cancer with distal ulnar metastases. Patient has swelling of left wrist from last 6 months. Physical examination revealed ill-defined, painful, swelling of left wrist joint. Radiograph revealed permeative destruction of distal ulna. On examination infectious/neoplastic etiology was considered but on evaluation the primary was found to be lung malignancy with distal ulnar metastases.

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Taori, K. , Patil, A. , Garg, L. , Parate, R. , Tembhare, P. , Rathod, R. , Rathod, J. , Disawal, A. and Hatgaonkar, A. (2014) Lung Cancer with Rare Occurrence of Distal Appendicular Skeletal Metastases. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-4. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100738.


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