Differential Insertion Depths of Filiform Needle, Concept and Application


In this paper, the background, evolution, basic meaning, clinical application and the detail operating procedures of the differential insertion depth in filiform needle acupuncture were discussed based on the classical expositions of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine. It is believed that the differential insertion depth reflects the basic idea of expelling the evil Qi from the body in the application of traditional acupuncture. Since the site of evil invasion has different shades, the position of evil Qi and correct differentiation has become the operation key points of needle insertion. Apart from this, the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine has further associated the clinical application of filiform needle insertion depth with the seasonal change of Yin and Yang, the body built of the patients, the nature of the diseases, the heat or cold pathogenic factors of the illness, the excess and deficiency of the patient, and the reinforcing and reducing function of acupuncture. These elaborations have greatly enriched the basic content of acupuncture and laid a systematic theoretical foundation of filiform needle operation. The differential insertion depth in acupuncture has its specific meaning, the emphasis of insertion depth of filiform needle with its differentiated clinical implication exemplifies the perceptual thinking features of traditional acupuncture and typical reveals the uniqueness of Chinese civilization.

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Li, L. , Chan, C. and Lo, K. (2015) Differential Insertion Depths of Filiform Needle, Concept and Application. Chinese Medicine, 6, 196-203. doi: 10.4236/cm.2015.64022.

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