Functional Properties of Teff and Oat Composites


Teff-oat composites were developed using gluten free teff flour containing essential amino acids and minerals along with oat products containing β-glucan known for lowering blood cholesterol. Teff-oat composites were evaluated for their pasting and rheological properties by a Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) and an advanced rheometer. All teff-oat composites showed increased water holding and pasting viscosities with increasing oat contents compared to wheat flour. However, they were only significantly influenced by 80% oat products in teff-oat composites compared with teff flour alone. OBC (oat bran concentrate) had the highest elastic modulus G’ among the starting materials. The elastic modulus G’ for teff-Nutrim (oat bran hydrocolloid) composites were decreased with increasing Nutrim contents in composites. In contrast, the increasing content of OBC in composites significantly raised both G’ and G”. The elastic modulus G’ and viscous modulus G” for all teff-OBC composites were higher than teff and wheat flour. All WOF composites showed similar rheological properties. All composites had shear thinning properties that are important to mouthfeel and industrial applications. These teff-oat composites were developed using feasible procedures. They have improved nutritional value and texture qualities for functional food applications.

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Inglett, G. , Chen, D. and Liu, S. (2015) Functional Properties of Teff and Oat Composites. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 6, 1591-1602. doi: 10.4236/fns.2015.617164.

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