Review on Rockburst Theory and Types of Rock Support in Rockburst Prone Mines


As the depth of mining increases, the occurrence of seismic events is becoming a more common phenomenon causing serious problems regarding to the stability and safety of mines. However, seismicity and the accompanying rockburst phenomena are not a well-defined and well-understood in underground excavations in these times. Efforts to clearly explain the mechanisms are underway. This paper is an overview on the mechanism of rockburst and supports applicably in rockburst prone excavations, predicted classification scales for damage on rock surfaces and rock supports. Current design methods for support systems are reviewed, which are mostly dependent on practical approaches and are geared towards static support design. Based on this, the current review focuses on ground supports under dynamic conditions.

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Kabwe, E. and Wang, Y. (2015) Review on Rockburst Theory and Types of Rock Support in Rockburst Prone Mines. Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology, 5, 104-121. doi: 10.4236/ojsst.2015.54013.

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