Studies on Productivity and Performance of Spring Sugarcane Sown in Different Planting Configurations


Row spacing has a pivotal role in enhancing sugarcane yield and improving its quality. A study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of different planting techniques on performance of sugarcane at Agronomic Research Area, Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture Faisalabad during Kharif 2014. Experimental treatments comprised of: 180 cm spaced trenches with tripple row strips, 180 cm spaced trenches with alternate row strips, 120 cm spaced trenches with double row strips and 60 cm spaced furrows with single rows. Sugarcane cultivar HSF-240 was used as experimental material. The experimental was conducted in RCBD with four replications. The expeimental results revealed that sugarcane number of tillers, plant height, cane length, stripped cane weight and stripped cane yield increased progressively with the increase in row spacing from 60 to 180 cm. While germination percentage and number of millable canes were not affected by different sowing techniques, maximum number of tillers (15.96 m-2), plant height (333.25 cm), stripped cane weight (0.94 kg) and stripped cane yield (107 t·ha-1) were recorded from 180 cm spaced trenches with tripple row strips.

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Samiullah, &. , Ehsanullah, &. , Anjum, S. , Raza, M. , Hussain, N. , Nadeem, M. and Ali, N. (2015) Studies on Productivity and Performance of Spring Sugarcane Sown in Different Planting Configurations. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 2984-2988. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2015.619293.

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