How Can New Online P2P Lending Platform Catch up from Behind—Take Ebaodai as an Example


Internet finance has become extremely popular since 2013, especially online P2P lending, which appears like mushrooms. And at the same time, the number of problematic platform is rising. Many platforms appeared to be difficult to withdraw deposit; some had even closed. For the lack of supervision and credit system in our country, this article takes the up-rising star Ebaodai as the research object to analyze its business model and characteristic of platform running. Then the article explored and analyzed how new P2P lending platform to stand out among numerous newly increased ones from a platform standpoint.

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Leng, J. and Ye, Q. (2015) How Can New Online P2P Lending Platform Catch up from Behind—Take Ebaodai as an Example. iBusiness, 7, 132-136. doi: 10.4236/ib.2015.74015.

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