Pipe Inspection System by Guide Wave Using a Long Distance Waveguide


In the industrial fields, many high temperature structures that require a non-destructive inspection exist. However, there are currently few sensors that can carry out non-destructive testing in a high temperature environment. In particular, the ultrasonic sensor is normally not used at over 50 degrees Celsius. Also, a special sensor for high temperature is currently available, but there are various constraints; it has not yet reached a level that is useful in industry. Therefore, we have been developing a new sensor system using a long waveguide which can transmit an ultrasonic wave from a long distance. Especially, this study focuses on applying the developed technique to a pipe which is used in a nuclear power plant. Therefore, the best rectangular-shaped waveguide was studied and attempted to be wound around a pipe to be driven by an acoustic source of a guide wave. Finally, the L (0, 2) and T (0, 1)-mode guide waves were successfully detected by optimizing the shape of the opposite edge of the rectangular-shaped waveguide that could detect the reflected signal from an artificial defect machined into a test pipe.

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Murayama, R. , Matsumoto, K. , Ushitani, K. and Makiko, M. (2015) Pipe Inspection System by Guide Wave Using a Long Distance Waveguide. Modern Mechanical Engineering, 5, 139-149. doi: 10.4236/mme.2015.54014.

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