Large Redshifts in Emission and Excitation from Eu2+-Activated Sr2SiO4 and Ba2SiO4 Phosphors Induced by Controlling Eu2+ Occupancy on the Basis on Crystal-Site Engineering


The photoluminescence properties of Eu2+-activated α’-Sr2SiO4 and α’-Ba2SiO4 with a high Eu2+ concentration were investigated. In the case of Sr2-xEuxSiO4, emission was shifted from 585 to 611 nm with increasing the total Eu2+ concentration (x) from 0.1 to 0.8. This trend was similar to that in Ba2-xEuxSiO4, where the emission was shifted from 513 to 545 nm. The large redshifts in both the excitation and emission spectra were discussed in terms of the Eu2+ occupancies on two kinds of M sites and their local structural changes (M: Sr and Ba).

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Sato, Y. , Kuwahara, H. , Kato, H. , Kobayashi, M. , Masaki, T. and Kakihana, M. (2015) Large Redshifts in Emission and Excitation from Eu2+-Activated Sr2SiO4 and Ba2SiO4 Phosphors Induced by Controlling Eu2+ Occupancy on the Basis on Crystal-Site Engineering. Optics and Photonics Journal, 5, 326-333. doi: 10.4236/opj.2015.511031.

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