Analysis on the Effectiveness of Preschool Education Teachers Construction in Western China —An Empirical Investigation Based on Shaanxi Province


Using a purposive sampling technique, this research chooses Shaanxi Province as the sample area to analyze the implementation effect of the Program Outline in three aspects which include the scale, quality and resource allocation of preschool education teachers. It is found that teachers’ construction has achieved remarkable effects illustrated by population explosion, more training opportunities, growing education qualification rate, and gradually increasing teachers’ salary. However, there are still some shortcomings need to be improved, which mainly include the lack and instability of teachers, irrational structure, low-level professionalization and imbalance of resource allocation. Therefore, it is suggested that the government should make the policy of listing out the kindergarten teachers’ position, and reconstruct a scientific model of teachers’ position according to the workload; add up teachers by all approaches and establish long-term mechanism to supplement teachers; strictly control entrance of teachers’ enrollment and implement the “Double Entry Mechanism”; strengthen the target of training and highlight the subjectivity of teachers; integrate all kinds of resources to establish the county-level training center, and play the radiation role of the demonstrated kindergartens or town central-kindergartens; improve and implement teachers’ salary in kindergarten, and perfect the social security system for teachers in rural areas and private kindergartens.

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Zhang, Y. , Han, Y. and Yang, X. (2015) Analysis on the Effectiveness of Preschool Education Teachers Construction in Western China —An Empirical Investigation Based on Shaanxi Province. Creative Education, 6, 2152-2159. doi: 10.4236/ce.2015.620219.

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