Selection of Stainless Steel for Cathode Plate in Hydrometallurgical Process

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Recently, the hydrometallurgy for metal refining is getting more and more popularin China. During a traditional hydrometallurgical process sulphuric acid is often used. In many cases, the working conditions in the solvent extraction and electro winning processes could be very tough for the commonly used material of different equipment and components, such as, austenitic stainless steels of 304/304L and 316L. In a copper refinery, a permanent cathode plate made of 316L was taken out of production due to heavy corrosion. The samples from the corroded plate were investigated thoroughly, possible reasons were pointed out and new material was suggested in this work. It is expected this research could help the copper refineries and Sanmen Sanyou to select the proper cathode plates in complicated working conditions.

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