A Robust Optical Encryption Method for Three-Dimensional Object Based on the Fresnel Transform


An optical encryption of three-dimensional (3D) object with digital holography was implemented. In the process of encryption, two holograms involved recording key information and 3D object were obtained. In the process of decryption, the 3D object was reconstructed from the two holograms by extracting the object and key information, followed by multiplication of the two holograms and inverse Fresnel transform numerically. The robustness of the method was also tested for different occlusions attacks and Gaussian noises. The results showed that the method was able to encrypt and decrypt the 3D object while being robust under different occlusions attacks and Gaussian noises.

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Liu, Y. , Jin, W. , Yang, X. , Wu, D. and Zhang, H. (2015) A Robust Optical Encryption Method for Three-Dimensional Object Based on the Fresnel Transform. Optics and Photonics Journal, 5, 313-319. doi: 10.4236/opj.2015.511029.

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