Rotational Oscillation Effect on Flow Characteristics of a Circular Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number


Two dimensional numerical simulations of flow around a rotationally oscillating circular cylinder were performed at Re = 1000. A wide range of forcing frequencies, fr, and three values of oscillation amplitudes, A, are considered. Different vortex shedding modes are observed for a fixed A at several values of fr, as well as for a fixed fr at different values of A. The 2C mode of vortex shedding was obtained in the present study. It is important to point out that this mode has not been observed by other investigators for rotationally oscillating case. Also, it is verified that this mechanism has great influence on the drag coefficient for high frequency values. Furthermore, the lift and pressure coefficients and the power spectra density are also analyzed.

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Silva, A. , Silveira-Neto, A. and Lima, A. (2015) Rotational Oscillation Effect on Flow Characteristics of a Circular Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number. World Journal of Mechanics, 5, 195-209. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2015.510019.

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