Finite Element Numerical Method for Nonlinear Interaction Response Analysis of Offshore Jacket Affected by Environment Marine Forces


In this paper a nonlinear response of a fixed offshore platform under the combined forces of waves, wind and sea currents is presented. Wave force acting on the elements is calculated using Morison equation. Hydrodynamic loads on horizontal and vertical tubular members and the dynamic response of offshore fixed platform coupled with distribution of displacement, axial force, and bending moment along the base of the platform for regular and severe cases have been investigated. The structure must be able maintain production in a one-year wave return period condition and also to be able to continue with one hundred-year storm return period. The results of this study show that bending moment values with a one-year wave return period condition for the base platform and junction of platform to deck are 70 percent and 59 percent, respectively more than bending moment with a one-year wave return period. The direction of wave and wind hit has significant effects on the shift platform response, also nonlinear response is important for the safe design and operation of offshore structures.

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Zadeh, S. , Baghdar, R. and Vaziri Kang Olia, S. (2015) Finite Element Numerical Method for Nonlinear Interaction Response Analysis of Offshore Jacket Affected by Environment Marine Forces. Open Journal of Marine Science, 5, 422-442. doi: 10.4236/ojms.2015.54034.

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