Crystal Structure and Physicochemical Properties of a New Tris (2-Amoniumbenzamide) Sulfate (C7H9N2O)3HSO4SO4


Physicochemical properties of a new hybrid compound (C7H9N2O)3HSO4SO4 are synthesized in aqueous solution and characterized by various physicochemical studies. This compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/c and a unit cell with a = 10.3028(2)A°, b = 12.4995(2)A°, c = 20.6730(2)A°, V = 2600.61(7)A°3, and Z = 8. The structure has been solved using direct method and refined to a reliability R factor of 4.6%. The atomic arrangement of this compound is built up by (HS2O8)3- anionic pairs interconnected with two types (C7H9N2O)22+ cationic pairs via (N, O)-H...O hydrogen bonds. The characterization of these salts was carried out using X-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy and thermal analysis.

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Belghith, S. , Chmengui, S. and Hamada, L. (2015) Crystal Structure and Physicochemical Properties of a New Tris (2-Amoniumbenzamide) Sulfate (C7H9N2O)3HSO4SO4. Open Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 5, 112-121. doi: 10.4236/ojic.2015.54012.

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