Self-Genital Mutilation and Attempted Suicide by Cut Throat in the Same Patient at Presentation: A Rare Event


Genital self-mutilation is an uncommon event that is commonly associated with psychotic disorders. Such injuries have also been reported secondary to complex religious beliefs and delusions regarding sexual guilt. Even though few case reports of male genital self-mutilation are available in literature, it is rareto have a combined self-genital mutilation and attempted suicide by cut throat occurring in the same patient at presentation. We presented the case of a 38-yr-old male who presented to the accident and emergency centre of a tertiary hospital in Accra, Ghana.

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Gudugbe, S. , Asiedu, I. , Lamptey, J. , Kyei, M. and Baidoo, K. (2015) Self-Genital Mutilation and Attempted Suicide by Cut Throat in the Same Patient at Presentation: A Rare Event. Open Journal of Psychiatry, 5, 330-333. doi: 10.4236/ojpsych.2015.54037.

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