A Review Study of Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Security


The confluence of cheap wireless communication, sensing and computation has produced a new group of smart devices and by using thousands of these kind of devices in self-organizing networks has formed a new technology that is called wireless sensor networks (WSNs). WSNs use sensor nodes that placed in open areas or in public places and with a huge number that creates many problems for the researchers and network designer, for giving an appropriate design for the wireless network. The problems are security, routing of data and processing of large amount of data etc. This paper describes the types of WSNs and the possible solutions for tackling the listed problems and solution of many other problems. This paper will deliver the knowledge about the WSN and types with literature review so that a person can get more knowledge about this emerging field.

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Aftab, M. , Ashraf, O. , Irfan, M. , Majid, M. , Nisar, A. and Habib, M. (2015) A Review Study of Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Security. Communications and Network, 7, 172-179. doi: 10.4236/cn.2015.74016.

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