Reservoir Processes Related to Exploitation in Los Azufres (México) Geothermal Field Indicated by Geochemical and Production Monitoring Data


A combined analysis of geochemical and production data of 39 wells of the Los Azufres (Mexico) geothermal field (227.4 MWe) over time was developed to investigate the exploitation-related processes for 2003-2011. In the south zone, important effects of reinjection were observed through Cl increases in some wells (up to 8000 mg/kg) while in wells with significant boiling, Cl has decreased. In most of the north zone wells, the variations in gas data indicated boiling and condensation of a highly gas-depleted brine, which seems to consist of reinjection fluids. It is suggested that this process maintains the production in the zone relatively stable. The main reservoir exploitation-related processes found were: 1) production of reinjection returns; for this, it was possible to distinguish a) wells that produce liquid and steam from injection, and b) wells that produce steam from injection and sometimes condensed steam from injection; 2) boiling: two types of boiling were identified: a) boiling with steam gain, and b) boiling with steam loss. The results indicated that an effective reservoir recharge occurs since very moderate production declining rates were found.

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Arellano, V. , Barragán, R. , Ramírez, M. , López, S. , Aragón, A. , Paredes, A. , Casimiro, E. and Reyes, L. (2015) Reservoir Processes Related to Exploitation in Los Azufres (México) Geothermal Field Indicated by Geochemical and Production Monitoring Data. International Journal of Geosciences, 6, 1048-1059. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2015.69083.

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