Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (INTRABEAM) Experience at the Mastology Unit Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic


Introduction: External radiation therapy has been the fundamental pillar when treating breast cancer. Partial radiation therapy and intraoperative radiation treatment have created modifications that allow the irradiation of the breast to be performed at the surgical act delivering a single large fraction or a “boost” dose directly at the tumor bed. We will discuss patients treated with INTRABEAM (Carl Zeiss Surgical Oberkochen, Germany) at the “Mastology Unit at Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic”. Materials and Methods: The selection of patients is crucial for the success of the treatment, same protocol of treatment has been applied to every patient at the surgical act. Since September 2013 until February 2015, we have treated a total of 148 patients with the INTRABEAM unit, we will discuss the 114 patients treated by the team at the “Mastology Unit at Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic” with ages between 31 and 87 years in which 46% were single treatments and 54% were treated as a “boost” for external radiation therapy. Results: The procedure has been well tolerated with only a 17% of transient fibrosis and a 12% of seromas. We have had none mayor complications like dehiscence of the wound or necrosis of the borders. Conclusion: With this preliminary presentation, we would like to demonstrate that the technique and protocol used at our mastology unit with the intraoperative radiation treatment is safe and has many advantages to the patients including better comfort, cost-effective and with results comparable to external radiotherapy.

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Muñoz, G. , Hany, R. , Cosson, A. , Gonzalez, C. , Rasquií, J. , Rodriguez, I. , Ghaleb, J. , Gonzalez, E. , Benitez, M. , Hurtado, W. , Sanchez, N. and Figuera, C. (2015) Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (INTRABEAM) Experience at the Mastology Unit Leopoldo Aguerrevere Clinic. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 6, 932-942. doi: 10.4236/jct.2015.610101.

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