Geochronological, Sedimentary, Structural, and Metallogenic Characteristics of Southeast China during the Mesozoic: A General Review


The tectonic evolution of Southeast China during Late Mesozoic is a prominent topic. Numerous tectonic models on Late Mesozoic evolution ofSoutheast Chinahave been published in the past 50 years. We synthesized many up-to-date and precise zircon U-Pb ages, sedimentary strata, and regional structures and discussed the oxygen fugacity of magmas and related ore deposits. We also analyzed the most current tectonic models published by some scholars. A multistage tectonic stress evolution history during Late Mesozoic was constructed, which included the following stages: 1) Early-Middle Jurassic (196 - 175 Ma) extension, in which many bimodal volcanics formed; 2) Middle-Late Jurassic (165 - 140 Ma) compression, which generated largescale gneissic granites, garnet-bearing granites, stratigraphic hiatus, and nappe structures; 3) Early Cretaceous (140 ± 5 - 120 Ma) extension, which formed weakly deformed or undeformed granites, alkali granites, metamorphic core complexes, graben basins, and basic dike swarms; 4) Early Cretaceous (120 - 110 Ma) compression, which generated nappe structures, volcanic hiatuses, and garnet-bearing granites; and 5) Early-Late Cretaceous (110 - 80 Ma) extension, which generated largescale bimodal volcanics, basic dike swarms, alkali granites, and graben basins. The Late Mesozoic tectonic evolution ofSoutheast Chinamay be attributed to the drifting history of the Paleo-Pacific plate. The drifting direction of the Paleo-Pacific plate has changed several times since 140 Ma, which led to major changes in the tectonicphenomena from Jurassic to Cretaceous and to the formation of Late Mesozoic mineral deposits.

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Li, P. and Li, H. (2015) Geochronological, Sedimentary, Structural, and Metallogenic Characteristics of Southeast China during the Mesozoic: A General Review. International Journal of Geosciences, 6, 1032-1047. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2015.69082.

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