Performance Improvement for Sisal Waste Anaerobic Biodegradation by Digester Redesign and Feed Size Reduction


This Anaerobic Digestion of Sisal decortication residue (SDR) from sisal decorication unit at Hale biogas plant in Tanga (Tanzania) is presented. The study was done to address the challenges facing Katani limited at Hale biogas plant. This plant was built as pilot before building other biogas plants. These challenges were like high retention time of substrate which was SDR, low biogas productivity, high investment costs due to large tanks sizes and low plant availability. From the study, it was discovered that, when particle size was reduced biogas production increased, degradation of SDR also increased and no significant change in biogas composition. Increase in biogas yield of 30% and 129% were recorded for reduced SDR compared to raw size SDR digested at atmospheric condition and 40°C respectivelly. SDR degradation measured in TS and VS removal efficiency, showed increase in degradation of about 5% for the reduced particle size compared to raw size particle. The study concluded that SDR was good raw material for biogas production when 90% of the particles reduced to less than 2 mm. To maximize production, digestion must be conducted at high temperature around 40°C with constant monitoring and control of all para-meters. This will increase plant availability by increasing efficiency and life span of the pumps and stirrers.

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Rajabu, Y. and Manyele, S. (2015) Performance Improvement for Sisal Waste Anaerobic Biodegradation by Digester Redesign and Feed Size Reduction. Engineering, 7, 553-566. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.79051.

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