Approach Development Accelerate of Process Special Traffic Filtering


This article is dedicated to the analysis list of a set of rules to traffic filtering, which is a multi-dimensional structure, where each dimension is a set of networking field or the field of action, measuring the cost of the rules to traffic filtering on computer networks, allowing to determine the difference between definition of the rules and the control of the packet fields. Furthermore, the article was considered a hierarchical model to optimize traffic filtering, which reduces the overhead traffic filtering rules and provides the semantic integrity of the original set of rules to traffic filtering. The hierarchical structure of the design and optimization of traffic filtering was researched. And also was developed the hierarchical approach to optimize traffic filtering for reducing set of rules traffic filtering. Analyzed the algorithm optimal solutions and algorithm of random search filters that, allowing you to find the shortest way to a set of rules to traffic filtering. Moreover, in this article was presented the effectiveness evaluation of the process accelerating traffic filtering proposed by HAOTF.

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Malikovich, K. , Rajaboevich, G. and Karomatovich, Y. (2015) Approach Development Accelerate of Process Special Traffic Filtering. Journal of Computer and Communications, 3, 68-82. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2015.39008.

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