Experimental Design for Optimizing a Mixture of Materials plus an Evaporating Solvent


The paper illustrates a further new way of using the CARSO procedure for response surfaces analyses derived from experimental designs based on Double Circulant Matrices (DCMs). We report a case study regarding a design based on a mixture of three chemicals plus an evaporating solvent, in order to compare the relative reliability of designs based either on 3 only or on all 4 factors. We show that both designs give the same results, but the second is preferable because it represents the real situation at the beginning of the process, so that it is possible to know the required amount of solvent that should be used for each experiment. Obviously this applies to any number of factors using the correspondent DCM.

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Fernandi, M. , Decastri, D. , Bazzurri, M. and Clementi, S. (2015) Experimental Design for Optimizing a Mixture of Materials plus an Evaporating Solvent. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1740-1746. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.610154.

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