Controllable Crack Propagation in Off-Axis Crushing of Stitched Composite Absorbers


Crack growth resistance plays a different role in crashworthiness analysis since the progressive energy absorption is based on controllable fracture mechanisms. In this regard, the present paper studies the efficient crack growth resistance in off-axis crushing of composite tubular structures by implementing natural fiber yarns. One of the through-to-thickness reinforcement methods known as stitching has been chosen to influence the axial and off-axis crushing process. Improving the crack growth resistance and appropriate fiber breakage at different stages of crushing process can significantly improve the resistance force and consequently the energy absorption capability of composite absorbers in axial and off-axis crushing. This analysis will be applied to non-stitched and stitched CFRP composite boxes which showed brittle fracture and transverse shearing crushing modes under off-axis loading of 10 degrees. The analytical methods are also implemented to analysze the effect of various failure mechanisms such as bending, friction, bundle fracture, and interlaminar crack growth for the observed crushing modes. The proposed model is able to predict the crushing load and crush force efficiency in close agreement from experimental studies.

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Ghafari-Namini, N. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2015) Controllable Crack Propagation in Off-Axis Crushing of Stitched Composite Absorbers. Open Journal of Composite Materials, 5, 93-100. doi: 10.4236/ojcm.2015.54012.

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