Study and Enlightenment of the In-Situ Urbanization of Rural Areas in China in the Background of New Pattern Urbanization—Taking Zhanqi Village, Pi County for Instance


The in-situ urbanization of rural areas is a kind of model promoting urbanization appeared in the special national condition of China. It is an inevitable choice for promoting development of small towns. The development pattern of in-situ urbanization is different from the traditional one. The change of county economy and industrial structure and the transform of production mode and lifestyle both reflect these differences. Based on such recognition, combining the background of current new pattern urbanization and the stage background of the New Rural Construction, this article takes Zhanqi Village, Pi County, Chengdu City—one model village of overall urban and rural development and new rural construction—for instance, and analyzes the prerequisite which is necessary for promoting in-situ urbanization of countryside, so that we can get revelation and reflection from this article.

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Guo, S. and Zou, J. (2015) Study and Enlightenment of the In-Situ Urbanization of Rural Areas in China in the Background of New Pattern Urbanization—Taking Zhanqi Village, Pi County for Instance. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 137-144. doi: 10.4236/jss.2015.39019.

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