Why “Ding-Dong Community” Cannot Succeed Like American Version “Nextdoor”?


The conception of community O2O is very popular currently in China, which has become the focus of attention in the field of e-commerce. However, since at the preliminary exploration stage everything in this area changes very quickly, there is not yet mature business model to mimic. Many of the problems should be studied and clarified. Taking the rise and failure of “ding-dong district” as a case, this article attempts to analyze the unsuccessful reason that “ding-dong district” imitates the US version “Nextdoor” in the context of China, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, aiming to provide related reference for Chinese enterprises in the exploration and development of community e-commerce.

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Deng, P. (2015) Why “Ding-Dong Community” Cannot Succeed Like American Version “Nextdoor”?. Journal of Service Science and Management, 8, 649-654. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2015.84065.

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