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Study on Financial Support of Coal Enterprises in Shaanxi Province to Develop Low-Carbon Economy

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Nowadays, the development of low-carbon economy is advocated and the carbon finance has become an important factor to promote the development of low-carbon economy. Taking advantage of the power of the carbon finance to give full play financing function of the green credit and financial institutions and achieve low-carbon technology innovation for coal enterprises has become the key to realize the sustainable development. Taking Shaanxi coal enterprises as a sample, this paper deeply discusses existing problems and its causes in the process of developing low-carbon economy in coal enterprise supported by Shaanxi finance, and then put forward the suitable financial support and policy path accordingly.

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Li, P. and Li, Z. (2015) Study on Financial Support of Coal Enterprises in Shaanxi Province to Develop Low-Carbon Economy. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 3, 108-116. doi: 10.4236/jhrss.2015.33015.


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