Upgraded Pellet Making by Torrefaction—Torrefaction of Japanese Wood Pellets


Upgraded wood pellets were produced and evaluated by torrefaction of wood pellets. In this study, conventional wood pellets were initially prepared and subsequently torrefied on a laboratory and then larger scale. During the laboratory scale production, pellets from wooden parts of Japanese cedar (sugi, Cryptomeria japonica) and Japanese oak (konara, Quercus serrata) trees were heat- treated in an inert gas oven under nitrogen atmosphere around 170°C - 320°C. For the Japanese cedar, the calorific values were improved by heat treatment up to 260°C. By heat treatment at 240°C, the upgrade ratio of higher heating value (HHV) was nearly 30% and the energy yield was 97%. For the Japanese oak, the calorific values were improved by heat treatment up to 320°C. By heat treatment at 280°C, the upgrade ratio of HHV exceeded 30% and the energy yield was 84%. On a larger scale, a conventional charcoal oven was modified for torrefied wood pellet production, meaning that torrefied wood pellet with 25 MJ/kg of calorific value was produced during heat treatment at 350°C. A mixture of conventional and torrefied pellets was applied to a commercial pellet stove, and torrefied wood pellets produced in this study might be usable as fuel for conventional pellet stoves.

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Yoshida, T. , Nomura, T. , Gensai, H. , Watada, H. , Sano, T. and Ohara, S. (2015) Upgraded Pellet Making by Torrefaction—Torrefaction of Japanese Wood Pellets. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, 5, 82-88. doi: 10.4236/jsbs.2015.53008.

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