Siblings of a Child with a Serious Disease: Educational Family Guidelines for Developing the Emotional Health of This Minority Group


Diagnosis of a serious disease in childhood is a traumatic experience, not only for the sick child but also for those living in the same environment. The family life changes drastically, and the family members go through a period of time which is both hard and full of the unknown. Fear, confusion, anger and sadness will be the principal feelings present in each one of the family members. The sick child becomes the central focus of attention at the expense of the other children in the family, children who now take a secondary role, shifting into the background. Therefore, it is very important to offer support and give special care to these other children, not excluding them from everything that is occurring in the family. This article focuses on the feelings experienced by these group of siblings. The adaptation process when facing this difficult situation will be analyzed and educational guidelines which can help the family manage the emotional impact made by the serious disease will be offered, putting special emphasis on communication.

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Lizasoain, O. (2015) Siblings of a Child with a Serious Disease: Educational Family Guidelines for Developing the Emotional Health of This Minority Group. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 56-60. doi: 10.4236/jss.2015.38005.

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