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On Congruences Induced by Certain Relations on “Semigroups”

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In his paper “On quasi-separative ‘semigroup’s’”, Krasilnikova, Yu. I. and Novikov, B. V. have studied congruences induced by certain relations on a “semigroup”. They further showed that if the “semigroup” is quasi separative then the induced congruence is a semilattice congruence. In this paper we continue the study of these relations and the induced congruences i.e., the congruences induced by certain relations on ‘‘semigroup’s”. In this paper mainly it is observed that if S is a quasi-separative and regular “semigroup” then the necessary and sufficient condition for to be the smallest semilattice congruence η is obtained.

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Srinivas, K. (2015) On Congruences Induced by Certain Relations on “Semigroups”. Advances in Pure Mathematics, 5, 579-582. doi: 10.4236/apm.2015.59054.


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