SVBR-100 Nuclear Technology as a Possible Option for Developing Countries


Many developing countries need ecologically clean power sources (PS). The nuclear power plants are such sources. However, a great number of the developing countries do not possess developed large capacity power systems. Moreover, currently in the developing countries, there are no highly skilled personnel to provide construction and reliable and safe operation of the nuclear plants, which are complex and potentially hazardous systems. In some countries, the level of terroristic threat is extremely high. For that reason, there are specific requirements to the nuclear PSs intended for use in the developing countries. In the presented report, the specific requirements which must be met by the NPT proposed for use in developing countries are formulated, basic statements of the SVBR-100 concept are presented, design and principal scheme of the reactor fa-ility are described, major characteristics of SVBR-100 are summarized.

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Petrochenko, V. , Toshinsky, G. and Komlev, O. (2015) SVBR-100 Nuclear Technology as a Possible Option for Developing Countries. World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 5, 221-232. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2015.53022.

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