Profile of Knee’s Bone and Joint Tuberculosis in Adults: About 33 Cases


The authors report toward a monocentric retrospective and descriptive study on a 08 year period, 33 cases of knee osteoarticular tuberculosis (OAT) of adult, certified by bacteriologic and/or histolological evidence proof of the sample (synovial biopsy) after a knee arthrotomy. There were 07 cases of arthritis and 26 cases of osteoarthritis. The treatment of knee OAT was medical (anti-tubercular poly-chemotherapy) on one year duration. The surgery was useful in front of some clinical presentations. After a minimum of 18 months, a functional evaluation was done following the Lequesne algo-functionnal index. None had signs of local recurrence testifying the adequacy of medical treatment, even if it is long and binding. The main of our case series is to establish an epidemiological, clinical and biological profile of the knee tuberculosis of adult and to research elements of prognosis through an analysis of results.

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Stanislas, T. , Abdoulaye, B. , Samba, K. , Kanaté, S. , Mariam, G. , Daouda, S. , Boubacar, O. , Estelle, M. , Moriba, T. and Astrid, N. (2015) Profile of Knee’s Bone and Joint Tuberculosis in Adults: About 33 Cases. Open Journal of Orthopedics, 5, 189-197. doi: 10.4236/ojo.2015.57026.

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