Comparison of Two Water Treatment Processes with Activated Aluminum Oxide


We focused on the need for the phosphorus removal in water plant process. As for surface water plant, the enhancement of phosphorus removal in purification process can raise the biological stability of effluent potable water. This study conducted the effect of two water treatment processes for phosphorus removal, including the PAC + AAL (the treatment process using poly aluminum chloride and activated aluminum oxide) and PFS + AAL (the treatment process using poly ferric sulfate and activated aluminum oxide). The aim is to use the adsorption capacity of activated aluminum oxide to increase the removal of phosphorus in filtration process. The result showed that the two processes both can remove the phosphorus concentration to reach below 10 μg/L, and the PAC + AAL is the better process.

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Wang, J. , Wang, X. , Feng, C. and Wei, S. (2015) Comparison of Two Water Treatment Processes with Activated Aluminum Oxide. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 7, 843-850. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2015.711068.

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