A New Method for the Dynamic Reserves of Gas Condensate Reservoir Using Cyclic Gas Injection Based on the Effects of Reinjection Ratio and Water Influx


As we all know, cyclic gas injection is one of the most effective development methods to improve condensate oil recovery. When dealing with the calculation of the reserves, the injection-production differences and water influx create great influence on the accuracy. Based on the existing research, we proposed a new material balance equation which considered the differences of composition between produced and injected fluids and the effect of water influx, and a solution was provided in this paper. The results of the method are closer to the actual situation because they are built on the law of conservation of mass, and the using of curve fitting method can not only avoid the use of water influx coefficient but also obtain the water influx rate and reserves at the same time. The YH-23 gas condensate reservoir is taking as a typical subject to do the research, which has been exploited by cycle gas injection for 14 years. Three different methods are used to calculate the reserves, and the results show that the method proposed in this paper has minimum error of 2.96%.

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Xiong, Y. , Wang, L. , Zhu, Z. and Xie, W. (2015) A New Method for the Dynamic Reserves of Gas Condensate Reservoir Using Cyclic Gas Injection Based on the Effects of Reinjection Ratio and Water Influx. Engineering, 7, 455-461. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.77041.

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