An Evans Syndrome Case Expressing Anti-Jka Autoantibody under Condition of Primary IgA Immunodeficiency


Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia is a haemolytic disease resulting from an autoimmune reaction to the surface of red blood cells. A part of autoantibody is known to react with the blood type antigen. This is the case of a 14 years old female with Evans syndrome in which autoimmune haemolysis may cause from anti-Jka autoantibody reaction. As this case is complicated with primary IgA immunodeficiency syndrome, anti-Jka autoantibody may occur under the condition of primary immunodeficiency status, in which autoantibody production is accelerated. Considering the co-occurrence of autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and primary IgA immunodeficiency syndrome, analysis focusing on specificity for red blood cells antigens will be required in IgA immunodefi-ciency syndrome patients.

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Sugimoto, T. , Tani, A. , Hayakawa, I. , Hashimoto, M. , Yanai, T. , Kubokawa, I. , Mori, T. , Kato, T. , Hirase, S. , Yamamoto, N. , Minami, H. and Hayakawa, A. (2015) An Evans Syndrome Case Expressing Anti-Jka Autoantibody under Condition of Primary IgA Immunodeficiency. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 6, 496-499. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2015.67066.

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