Research Process for Selecting a Theoretical Framework and Bibliometric Analysis of a Theme: Illustration for the Management of Customer Service in a Bank


Globalization has brought to institutions greater competitiveness and visibility to products and services, which means that consumers started to be more demanding and take advantage of the best references for establishing standards for their care. The banking industry fits in this context, and to remain competitive they seek new developed management procedures to better serve their customers. The objective of this study is to demonstrate to the theme fragment bank funding and resource loans management, with an emphasis on customer relationship, how to select a bibliographic portfolio and perform their bibliometrics, in order to highlight the most recognized scientific contributions on the subject. This work is characterized as exploratory-descriptive, of theoretical-illustrative nature, using ProKnow-C-Knowledge Development Process—Constructivist as an intervention tool. The bibliographic portfolio with 13 articles was generated by the development process; the Journal of Financial Economics showed the highest impact factor to scientific community at both bases, JCR and SJR. Bank, Risk and Lending Outcomes were the main appellant keywords and the most prominent authors were Hans Degryse with two articles in the portfolio, article of Bank Governance, Regulation and Risk Taking, written by Luc Laeven and highest scientific recognition of Ross Levine.

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Ensslin, L. , Dutra, A. , Ensslin, S. , Chaves, L. and Dezem, V. (2015) Research Process for Selecting a Theoretical Framework and Bibliometric Analysis of a Theme: Illustration for the Management of Customer Service in a Bank. Modern Economy, 6, 782-796. doi: 10.4236/me.2015.66074.

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