Disseminated Presentation of Primary Lymphoblastic Lymphoma of the Bone in a Pediatric Patient


Primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the bone (PLB) is extremely rare in the pediatric population with less than 100 cases reported in the English literature. Most commonly, patients present with atraumatic bone pain and grossly normal radiographic findings. PLB is in the histopathological class of “small round cell tumors of bone”, as with most common bone tumors. The diagnosis is confirmed by immunohistochemical or flow cytometry based detection of tumor-specific proteins. We present a case of stage IV PLB of B-lymphoblastic type with an excellent response to chemotherapy to increase awareness among general pediatricians and pathologists about the importance of making the correct diagnosis, given the excellent prognosis for this disease.

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Cao, L. , Sheikh, A. , Qing, X. , French, S. , Lasky, J. and Panosyan, E. (2015) Disseminated Presentation of Primary Lymphoblastic Lymphoma of the Bone in a Pediatric Patient. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 6, 536-542. doi: 10.4236/jct.2015.66058.

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