Influence of Soil-Foundation Interaction Properties on Oscillations of the System “Building-Building” and “Building-Stack-Like Structure”


Seismic oscillations of the “building-building” system which is interconnected buildings built close to each other, and “building-stack-like structure” system which is adjacent and connected in different ways to existing building are considered in the paper. Different types of connections, such as dampers, including the ones suggested by the authors, are studied. Seismic impact is given as a harmonic function and various existing accelerograms, including synthesized ones. Distinctive feature of this paper from previously published ones [1] [2] is the fact that the emphasis falls on the influence of soil-foundation interaction properties, which are described using various models of load-displacement connections. Calculation results are compared in the case of representation of the building as concentrated masses and spatial systems. Ways to reduce seismic response of buildings during the earthquakes are pointed out. Results of experimental studies are given in the paper and are compared with calculations.

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Khodievich Khojmetov, G. , Irismetovich Khodjimetov, A. and Sayfullaevich Yuvmitov, A. (2015) Influence of Soil-Foundation Interaction Properties on Oscillations of the System “Building-Building” and “Building-Stack-Like Structure”. World Journal of Mechanics, 5, 106-116. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2015.56012.

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