Anterior sacral Meningocele Associated with Tethered Cord Syndrome Presenting with Constipation: US, CT, MRI and X-Ray Findings


Anterior sacral meningocele is characterized by the herniation of the thecal sac into the retroperitoneal space. A 33-year-old man was referred to our hospital with the complaints of a longlasting constipation and nonspecific lower abdominal pain. At ultrasound, a cystic mass was detected at the presacral space. Computed Tomography revealed a defect at the anterior aspect of the sacrum, together with a presacral cystic mass which showed a connection with the dural sac. At Magnetic Resonance Imaging, it was demonstrated that the cystic mass made an impression on the rectum, and did not possess any solid components. An anteroposterior pelvis radiogram demonstrated a sacral deformity and the scimitar sign. Upon these imaging findings, the patient got the diagnosis of an anterior sacral meningocele. The possibility of an anterior sacral meningocele must always be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of a pelvic cystic mass.

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Soker, G. , Soker, E. , Gulek, B. , Tumer, T. , Kaya, O. , Arslan, M. , Yildirim Celikdemir, A. and Yılmaz, C. (2015) Anterior sacral Meningocele Associated with Tethered Cord Syndrome Presenting with Constipation: US, CT, MRI and X-Ray Findings. Open Journal of Radiology, 5, 111-116. doi: 10.4236/ojrad.2015.52017.

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