Determination of Alpha Particles Concentration in Toothpaste Using CR-39 Track Detector


The present study focuses on determination of alpha particles concentration in different samples of toothpaste by using nuclear track detector (CR-39). Nine samples of toothpaste have been collected from local Iraqi markets in Babylon Province. These samples have been chosen according to their most commonly use in Babylon Province. The samples were kept with CR-39 detector for six weeks period and then etched by 6.25 N of NaOH solution at temperature of 60°C for 5 hours. The results of the present work show that Sample 3 (Frosty) found to have a high alpha concentration about four times compared with Sample 4 (Aquafresh) and about 2 - 3 times compared with other samples.

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Majeed, F. , Kadhim, I. , Muhsen, A. and Abass, K. (2015) Determination of Alpha Particles Concentration in Toothpaste Using CR-39 Track Detector. Detection, 3, 9-13. doi: 10.4236/detection.2015.32002.

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