Application Study on Rigidity Correlation Method for Density Inversion of Rockfill


Based on the theoretical model of rigidity correlation method, the study on application was carried out with Chinese Liyuan face rockfill dam as example. The linear relation equations between the rockfill rigidity and density measured by pit method were established, and the regression performance and accuracy of rigidity correlation method were analyzed by calculating the inversion values of density. The results show that the regression equations of rigidity correlation method are high significant so as to work out the rockfill density precisely; rigidity correlation method is used for density inversion of rockfill with minor error and namely high accuracy, which is proper with satisfactory results.

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Liu, P. , Zhao, M. , Jiang, B. , Wang, K. and Jin, P. (2015) Application Study on Rigidity Correlation Method for Density Inversion of Rockfill. Engineering, 7, 331-336. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.76029.

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