An Expert System Oriented towards the Detection of Influenza and Dengue Developed on Mobile Platforms


Nowadays, mobile technology makes it possible for us to realize processes in a relatively short amount of time, showing the user friendly and efficient interfaces that any person is capable of adapting to. Continuing this trend, we develop a mobile application that aids in giving an early diagnosis of Influenza and Dengue, two diseases that affect approximately 5% of the world population (in the case of Dengue) and 5% - 15% of the northern hemisphere (in the case of influenza). Our application consists of an expert system based on fuzzy logic that analyzes symptoms introduced by the user and formulates a diagnosis in approximately 2 - 4 minutes. This system considerably reduced the diagnostic time, improving the recuperation process from these diseases due to their early detection.

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Ramírez, R. , Arellano, R. , Sandoval, C. and Flores, A. (2015) An Expert System Oriented towards the Detection of Influenza and Dengue Developed on Mobile Platforms. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 8, 295-301. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2015.86030.

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