Performance of Tannin/Glycerol-Chromate Hybrid Conversion Coating on Aluminium


A smart hybrid conversion coating has been developed. Modifications of coating solutions with poly-hydroxyl organic materials to reduce the usual mud cracking pattern characteristics of chromate conversion coatings (CCCs) and improve its ability to release inhibitors to corroding sites have been achieved. The smart functionalised chromate conversion coating (SFCCC), developed on aluminium substrate has undergone laboratory checks and commercial runs under factory conditions confirmed its potency in improving corrosion resistance and paint adhesion to metal surfaces. In-service performance of the coating in the past three years is excellent.

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Oki, M. (2015) Performance of Tannin/Glycerol-Chromate Hybrid Conversion Coating on Aluminium. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 3, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/msce.2015.37001.

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