Influence of Seedling Age and Nitrogen Rates on Productivity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.): A Review


Rice is an important crop and the food security of the world is strongly associated with it as it is the staple food of half of the world’s population. Among various agro-management practices seedling age and nitrogen rates significantly affected its growth, development and yield components. Rice cultivars performed differently when transplanted in field at varying seedling ages depending upon their genetic makeup and adoptability to certain environmental conditions. Seedling age plays an important role in yield contributing parameters like number of productive tillers, panicle length, filled grains panicle-1 and 1000-kernel weight leading to higher paddy yield in different rice cultivars and hybrids. Nitrogen is required in huge quantity in rice production as it is an important constituent of plant parts and processes. Paddy yield increases significantly with the increase in nitrogen rate but after a certain limit yield starts decreasing. Keeping in view the significance of seedling age and nitrogen rates in different rice cultivars and hybrids, an effort has been made to review some research work already conducted and will be helpful to the researchers and scientists to plan future strategies.

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Mahran Aslam, M. , Zeeshan, M. , Irum, A. , Umair Hassan, M. , Ali, S. , Hussain, R. , Adnan Ramzani, P. and Farhan Rashid, M. (2015) Influence of Seedling Age and Nitrogen Rates on Productivity of Rice (Oryza sativa L.): A Review. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 1361-1369. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2015.69135.

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