Experimental Study of Longitudinal and Circumferential External Defect in Pressured Cylindrical Shells


Two cylindrical vessels under internal pressure are used for this work in order to study the influence of the position and size of defects on their elastic and elastoplastic behavior. One contains two external longitudinal semi-elliptic defects of different dimensions realized diametrically opposed. The other contains the same defects but is circumferential. These defects are carried out by elect-erosion. Strain gauges are placed in the neighborhood of the defects of which the purpose is to obtain the strain distribution. This work also allows the comparison between two defects of different dimensions, which are of the same shape or different shapes. These defects are longitudinal and circumferential semi-elliptical. The position of these defects relative to the inner radius of a cylindrical pressure vessel is considered. The deformations results are discussed.

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Elhakimi, A. , Chamat, A. , Touache, A. , Daya, A. and Hariri, S. (2015) Experimental Study of Longitudinal and Circumferential External Defect in Pressured Cylindrical Shells. World Journal of Mechanics, 5, 95-105. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2015.56011.

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