CT Optimization for Diagnosis of Some Acute Abdomen Cases


The acute abdomen is one of the most frequent causes for presentation to the emergency department. Imaging plays an important role for an accurate diagnosis, which in turn diminishes morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to demonstrate optimum CT aspects and emphasize on the important features of CT for those patients presenting with an acute abdominal pain at the Emergency Department both in general and in a number of selected conditions (appendicitis, small-bowel obstruction, acute pancreatitis, and diverticulitis). The reported data by this study are based on the author working experience, which forms a continuous protocol adjustment process. The present study provides evidence that CT would result in definite diagnosis of patients with abdominal pain in terms of the detection of some urgent conditions.

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Jastaniah, S. , Salih, A. , Alsafi, K. , Eltyib, H. , Hagi, S. , Khafaji, M. , Abbas, H. and Alshihri, M. (2015) CT Optimization for Diagnosis of Some Acute Abdomen Cases. Advances in Computed Tomography, 4, 19-26. doi: 10.4236/act.2015.42003.

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