Adult Onset Still’s Disease: Articular Manifestations in Twenty Cases


The adult onset Still’s disease is a rare inflammatory pathology of unknown pathogeny. The clinical features are variable. The diagnosis is difficult since exclusion of infectious, systemic and tumoral pathologies should be done. The articular complications are frequent and can be revelatory of this pathology. The articular prognosis depends on the diagnosis delay and the treatment efficiency. Our study aims to analyze different aspects of articular manifestations complicating adult onset Still’s disease to define epidemiological, clinical and evolving characteristics of these complications. It was a cross-sectional study concerning 20 cases of adult onset Still’s disease diagnosed from 1990 to 2015 in the internal medicine A department of Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis, meeting Yamaguchi criteria. We identified clinical, radiological, evolving and therapeutic profile of the articular manifestations occurred in these patients. There were 13 women and 7 men. The average age was 25 years. The arthralgias were reported in all cases; while, the arthritis interested fifteen patients. A hand deformation was found in four patients. A wrist ankylosis was noted in one case and a flexion elbow in one patient. The standard articular radiographs were normal in twelve cases. The treatment associated essentially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and/or corticosteroids and/or methotrexate. Concerning the evolving profile, the monocyclic form was present in 25% of the cases, the intermittent form in 45% and the chronic articular form in 30% of our patients. The adult onset Still’s disease is rare and heterogeneous. The articular disturbances are frequent and have various outcomes.

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Mahfoudhi, M. , Gorsane, I. , Battikh, A. , Shimi, R. , Turki, S. , Hamida, F. and Abdallah, T. (2015) Adult Onset Still’s Disease: Articular Manifestations in Twenty Cases. Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 5, 41-45. doi: 10.4236/ojcd.2015.52007.

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